How do I start using the Extensibility Center

Simpplr’s Extensibility Center provides full access to all Simpplr features from content types to analytics data. Anything you can do within Simpplr, you can access with APIs.

Follow the steps mentioned below to access the Simpplr APIs.

1. Login

Login to your Simpplr instance.

Login section

2. Select the Salesforce environment and grant permissions


Select salesforce environment

Grant permissions to Simpplr Extensibility Center to access your Salesforce instance


Salesforce access

Once the permissions are given, you will be authenticated and redirected back to the Simpplr Extensibility Center.


Post login, you will be authenticated and redirected back to Simpplr Extensibility Center

3. Navigate to the API section and hit the *Try It!* button


API section

  1. API - this section has the listing of all the Simpplr APIs supported by the Extensiblity Center

  2. Parameter section - all the parameters for the API will be listed here

  3. Language - Use this section to select the programming language in which you would require the code snippet, to call Simpplr APIs from your custom code

  4. Authentication - All the Simpplr APIs make use of 0Auth 2.0 as the authentication mechanism. To access the APIs you will have to provide a valid access token here.
    If you have already logged in to the Extensibility Center, the access token will be auto populated for you.

  5. Try It! - Click this button to make the API request to your Simpplr instance

  6. Response - This section will show you the API response

Required Header

All the API endpoints need a mandatory header as mentioned below.

x-user-email : Salesforce username

Eg: [email protected] ([email protected])