Welcome to Simpplr’s Extensibility Center

Extend Simpplr to the rest of your digital workplace

Get EX platform flexibility without reinventing the wheel

Simpplr’s Extensibility Center helps developers build custom workflows and integrations for your organization. Build on top of Simpplr’s award-winning modern employee experience platform and get the best of both worlds.

Centralize all of your digital workplace applications
Bring people, culture, workflows, and collaboration under one single source of truth. Create a united experience for employees across geographies, teams, and departments.

Build custom functionality
Operationalize, streamline, and integrate functions into one central hub to reduce costs, optimize operations, and fuel innovation. Geek out without breaking your employee experience platform.

Minimize workflow interruptions
Help employees reduce the number of apps and logins they need to get work done. Bring company information, internal tools, and unified notifications to the gateway of the digital workplace: Simpplr.

Purpose-built for extensibility

  • APIs available for every feature
  • 200+ Out-of-the-box integrations built for interoperability
  • Build on top of a ready-to-use framework
  • Customize workflows without the extra maintenance


Need more help?

Questions about custom integrations or workflow integrations? Join Simpplr’s developer’s office hours or contact us directly at [email protected] to unify your digital employee experience.